Debut Album ‘Redbird’

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

test2 Debut Album Redbird

It has been over a year since 3 Son Green started working on “Redbird”, and the much anticipated debut album still doesn’t have an official release date.

So why is it taking so long? “Cause I couldn’t get the damn track right!” jokes Evan Carlson. “We didn’t want to settle for alright takes, we want this album to be remembered as sweet.” It comes down to experience. Although they have recorded in professional studios before, this is the first time 3 Son Green has ever mapped out a studio album. “We hit it pretty hard in the beginning getting all of the instrumentation. But once we got that done we slowed down doing the vocals so the holy grail of lyrics are expressed with the passion the album deserves.”

Jamie Anderson elaborates, “Ryan Elliott, our recording engineer, has been working with us in a home setting where he has recorded drums, bass, both guitars, and vocals. He has offered his ear as well, which has helped greatly in the process. We have a few things to work on, but this album should be mixed, mastered and out into the world before the end of the summer.”

The 12 song concept album will interweave Evan’s, Jamie’s, and Trey’s songwriting styles, flowing from one song to the next and displaying a wide variety of different genres. “We didn’t really plan on making it a concept album, it kind of just fell into place”, explains Trey. “All of our songs on the album have to do with where we were in our lives when we wrote them, our late teens and early twenties. So it’s really us trying to figure out life, different concepts about life that we “think” we have figured out. But really this is just the beginning, we still have much to learn.”

Rumor has it that Ryan is mixing the last song tonight. From there, 3 Son Green will go back, make the final changes, and then it will be shipped off to get printed.

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