Ryan The Engineer

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Ryancorn 300x280 Ryan The Engineer

Ryan the Engineer (According to Trey)

I met Ryan at the music store I work at, he used to come in and try out pedals and things like that, and I used to go to where he worked (The UPS Store) to get flyers printed off. We also attended the same college, along with Jamie. While Jamie and I were playing music with the jazz band and other music combos, Ryan was across the hall in the recording studio.

One day I was picking up some flyers from him and he handed me his cd he recorded and released himself under the name Elliott titled “Poems for Liquid Paper Streets”. I was blown away! It sounded amazing! Not only that, he is a very talented songwriter and singer. The band had been talking about recording an album, but there was no way we could afford to record at a professional studio, and Ryan seemed like the obvious solution. I ran the idea by the band, and they all agreed, it seemed like a no brainer. So after getting the bands approval, I ran the idea by Ryan and he seemed excited to work with us.

We started recording at Jamies house in Dec. 2011, getting all of the drum tracks done first and then bass, guitars, and finally vocals. He has definitely done a fine job in guiding us to the sound we are trying to achieve, as well as putting in his own ideas. It’s been a very enlightening process to say the least.

During this time, I happened to be looking for a roommate, and one day Evan suggested asking Ryan. A couple months later, actually on Halloween, we moved into a house. Since then we’ve done all the recording at our house. It’s pretty great living with him, we seem to get along pretty well. He’s always showing me new music, and I try to share what I like as well.

All in all, I feel pretty lucky to have met Ryan. He is definitely a valuable addition to the 3 Son Green family, and I’m sure we will be working with him for a long time.


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